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I decided I wanted to grow vegetables for local area restauranteurs to serve on their menus. This was a practice I kept while I was a chef in the restaurant business, and I knew the value and benefits to buying local and supporting local farmers.

Raising Local Certified, Naturally Grown Produce with the Community in Mind
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You came to the right place for Garlic. We take pride in educating people about garlic. Come see our garlic varieties we offer, and maybe even learn to grow your own!

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The Veg-Table farm online store is stocked up with more items than ever before. Check out our awesome new stuff, and get your meals delish-a-fied.

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Get wow’d by the creative and tasty recipes you can use, and even some home remedies and uses for garlic you probably have never heard of. Viva garlic!


The Veg-Table Farm Story:

Organic From The Beginning

     From the very beginning we have been farming in an organic manner, No pesticides, No herbicides, No GMO seeds, we use beneficial insects to help manage infestations, we plant cover crops and rotate plantings each year, our neighbor provides wonderful composted manure that is tilled-in in the fall, we try very hard to be good stewards to the land that provides for us. In 2010 we were inspected to become Certified Naturally Grown ( This has been a highlight for our farm and we are very excited to be part of this organization.
     We started our farm when my family moved back to the home where I grew up, located in Roseboom, NY on the old Alpaugh farmstead. Currently we have 3 acres under production in fertile, organic rich, river bottomland located in the Southeast Mohawk Valley.
     Each year our farm grew bigger and bigger, we started a road side farm stand and sold to several restaurants. The demand at the farm stand got so large we continued to till up more ground and plant cover crops and get them into the rotation of the farm. As time went on a friend introduced me to growing garlic. It only took one year for me to see the potential, and off we went planting in the fall and harvesting in the summer loads of fresh Garlic.
     The Veg-Table farm is now seen at local Garlic festivals in the fall in the Northeast and has potential to become larger in the next few years.

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